How can I be good at networking? That’s a question that a lot of people ask themselves. Because not everybody is confident in meeting new people. But everybody knows that new people bring new perspectives, and that meeting new people brings future advantages. But the best thing is that a conversation can be entertaining.

Well if you want to become an expert in networking you are at the right address. We wrote down some tips that will help you to be confident and to develop one of the most important social skills. Even better you become a good networker by learning to take a genuine interest in other people. So if you keep practicing and stick to these tips and the networking event will turn into fun.

First: Find the bar!

It is always a good idea to place yourself a few steps away from the bar because that’s the spot where you have the biggest chance to talk with the most people. But don't try to meet as many people as possible just focus on making valuable business connections.

Extra tip: Hold your drink in your left hand. So while shaking hands your right hand won’t be cold.

Ask yourself: Why should they talk to you?

You have a short time to make an impression. Use that time to be interesting by telling them your story so be specific. Keep in mind that it has to be an interactive conversation. It’s not all about you so give the other person the chance to talk about themselves. Don’t rush things up just take your time because building a relationship is an essential component to success. 

Second: Ask thoughtful questions.

You know you had a successful conversation when you walk away from a conversation having allowed the other person to speak more than you did. By asking thoughtful questions you can help the person talk to someone who has an outside view. Last important thing. Don’t be shy or afraid to give your opinion on a certain topic.

Good to know: Don’t spill your cards

It is not a good idea if you give your business card to everybody in the room. People will ask your business card if they are interested so you should not offer it. Here is my advice for making the most out of the networking event. You should only take a few business cards depending on how big the networking event will be. Let’s say you bring 15 business cards of your own. If the networking was successful you will find 15 new business cards in your pocket.

Last but not least: Be yourself.

The last step is the most important one because networking events are made to build relationships. If you are too nervous and don’t feel comfortable by going alone to a networking event you can always bring a ‘cover’. Bringing a friend, co-worker or client will boost your confidence. So you will build a relationship not based on uncertainty but on a level of comfort.

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