First part: Interview with Irma Horvath Elena Markina 

On the 9th of November we as NEW WORK Serviced Offices organized a networking event. This event was presented by Irma Horvath. She gave an interactive presentation about solution-focused change management. The presentation was about how work will be in the future. She invited HR expert Elena Markina from UNLEASH. Irma interviewed Elena by asking some questions regarding to augmented reality and humanity.

Augmented reality vs. augmented humanity

Augmented reality (AR) is a live, direct or indirect view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented (or supplemented) by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data.

Example: With the Lego you can build cars, houses even cities and much more. On the building box you can see how the product will look like when you finish it. But on the photo you can’t see the Lego bricks inside the finished product. Lego has now an augmented reality screen where you hold a building box in front of the camera. The camera will show you how the product will look like in reality. 


On the other hand there is Augmented humanity (AH). It defines the use of technology to both aid, and replace, human capability in a way that a person and machine are one. Scientists are working diligently to make machines that can think like humans.

Example: The Russian startup Stafory developed a robot named Vera who can do a recruitment interviews with potential candidates. She can search and select potential employees across the largest recruitment sites, send an e-mail invitation for an interview, so a face-to-face interview. Vera has also learned to recognize emotions during video interviews. So she can detect when someone is lying for example. And the most impressive thing is that she can do 1,000 recruitment calls every 5 minutes. So candidates can be found ten times faster than a humans.

Elena Markina also mentioned new HR trends. As a manager you need to be flexible for your employees and you need to treat them like your most loyal customers. Because they’re the ones making the magic happen as long as their needs are being met.


We as NWSO already implement these new HR trends. We are flexible to your employees and organize a lot of trainings and teambuilding where they build trust, encourage communication, and increase collaboration. Next to our employees we are flexible for our clients and the market too. We recently introduced a new service called the NEW WORK Labs because the market was asking for co-working spaces in Budapest.

We should find a balance between augmented reality and humanity. So on one hand robots can take over our routine jobs. But on the other we need to make sure they don’t take over everything. Luckily the future is something we can form and not something we need to except. We have the power in our own hands.  

Want more? Stay tuned for our next summary for the second part of our networking event.

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