Second part: Networking part

The next part of our Networking event began with a presentation about us as NEW WORK Services Offices. We showed our guest what our expertise are as providing office solutions is about. The presentation explained them what kind of services and equipment we provide in every Business Center. If you couldn’t attempt the networking event but you still don’t know what this is about, then don’t hesitate to afterglow the presentation on our Facebook page:

After the presentation the night continued with the awaited networking part. Where everybody could eat and drink as much as they want. Bagels were provided in a veggie, fish and meat version. This together with a red or white wine from Nieder Österreich was an outstanding combination.

We were happy that a wide variety of company sectors came to our networking event. Such as photographers, designers, law offices, event agencies, real estate professionals, investors and much more. This made it not only interesting for us but also for our guests because they could expand their network. Our event was a great success, a lot of people made connections and shared their business cards. Which ended up a full collection of business cards when they left.

The reason why we organized this event was because we care about your success. We as a team will help you in every possible way we can to add value to your business to be more successful. That’s the reason why we are a business center and not a regular office building. We only want the best for you and your company. The day after we heard that our tenants already made contact and even had scheduled meetings with their new acquaintances. This all due to our successful networking event.

Stay tuned for future events

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