Are you also tired of your lazy habits? Like ordering another take out because you are too lazy to cook. Or to postpone cleaning the house, dishes or even your car instead of going to a carwash, being late at work or meetings… All good new perspectives but you know yourself after a month of enthusiasm you are tempted to fall back into your old habits. Now is the right time to do something about it! We will give you tips that will encourage you to keep your new year’s resolutions and turn them into habits.

1. Break old patterns

How can you break old patterns into new effective ones? Well the answer is really simple: First you need to realize you are in a cycle every day. The thing which really helps you to recognize these patterns is by asking yourself the question: “Why does this always happen to me?” at the moment of happening. Much of our behavior is automated, which means we tend to react to situations instead of thoughtfully responding to them. So now that you know you always make the same mistake at that point you can choose to make an unfamiliar choice. Your tomorrows don’t have to look like your yesterdays. So break the spell.

 2. Eat foods that fuel your body and brain

I come back to the problem of take away food instead of cooking proper and healthy food. Your brain and body need healthy food to concentrate on tasks. Plus, it is easy, you save money and you can control your portion better.

Still craving for your favorite take-away meal at home? You can always make a home-made pizza where from you can store all the ingredients of in the freezer or design it with leftovers from the fridge. It is less oily, less big and you are shore everything is on top what you like.

3. How to not be late

You can start by setting your alarm earlier, so you have more time to start your day. Another thing that can be the cause of you being late is if you don’t like where you have to go. You will try to stay as long as possible home to not work 5 minutes more then you should. If you are looking forward to go somewhere you will do everything to be in time because you don’t want to miss anything of it.

4. Last but not least: Be patient

Patience shapes a talent into achievement.

Patience helps acquire positive attitude.

Patience helps you to be empathetic.

Patience makes you healthier.

It is all about patience. It accepts other people as they are and makes us tolerant. Otherwise you suffer more than other people. It achieves your dreams and challenges. It makes your life so much easier.

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